Learning to surf in Maldives with all-inclusive package.

Escuela de surf en maldivas

Do you want to improve your style or learn how to surf in Maldives?

Maldives is a paradise for surf enthusiasts, and if you want to learn to surf in these crystal-clear waters and perfect waves, there is no better option than our surf school in Maldives..

Professional instructors at our surf school in Maldives

Our highly skilled and experienced instructors will teach you the basic techniques and help you get familiar with the currents and waves of the area, ensuring that you are ready to tackle the waves in no time. Our Maldives surf school offers personalized lessons for both beginners and advanced surfers, so you can improve and progress at your own pace.

You can enjoy the classes with your partner or bring your children along for their first lessons. It will be an unforgettable experience for them as well.

Complete your experience in our surf school in the Maldives, staying in our all-inclusive accommodation in the Maldives.


Ideal for learning basic techniques and enjoying a fun and exciting experience.

45€ pax/day


Perfect for improving skills and enjoying a challenging experience to push your limits.

75€ pax/session