We are Luisa and Nacho, two passionate surfers with a surf house in Maldives

Surf House en Maldivas

here is a little bit of our story...

A surf house in Maldives

After working for 15 years in the Canary Islands in what has always been his passion, surfing, Nacho returns to his native Cadiz. A year later, he crosses paths with Luisa, and this twist of fate will change the course of both their lives.

Together they return to the Canary Islands, more specifically to Fuerteventura, where they will continue working in the world that excites them the most: SURFING.

Once settled in Fuenteventura, Nacho received a call from a friend of his, proposing him to work on a boat in the Maldives. it will become a dream come true: to work in surfing, his life passion, and above all to be able to do it in one of the meccas of this sport.

We are back in 2012; when everything began, The Maldives begins.

They both did it so great, so the following year they found themselves back on the paradisiacal islands. Guided by their eagerness to improve, they realized the need to learn English and both of them, who are not knocked down by any adversity, decided to go together to England in order to finish polishing the language of Shakespeare.

After the British experience, they go once again to the Maldives to work. While working on one of the tourist routes, showing local spots, a friend of Nacho proposes them the management and rental of a house. Said and done: NATURAL SURF HOUSE is born, a Surf house in the Maldives.

The skill accumulated from 2012 onwards makes the move go well for Luisa and Nacho as well as for customers. The following year, they manage to open again “THE HOUSE”, and in recent years a third one.

None of it would have been possible without Luisa’s willpower and perseverance, and without her falling in love with surfing and its way of life. Well, and also with Nacho.

Since then, the couple that was born in Cadiz but are friends of the world, dedicate all their effort to improve and share experience with their clients…and to surf!

Without passion, there is no road worth taking!