Te presentamos nuestras novedades para la temporada 2017

[:es]Tras el éxito que tuvimos el año pasado en Natural Surf House este año volvemos con la misma energía pero apostando más fuerte y con nuevos proyectos  e importantes novedades, entre los que disfrutaremos de clases de Yoga,  contaremos con un fotógrafo profesional desde dentro y fuera del agua, surf coach de élite y la nueva carta que hemos elaborado de la mano de nuestro gran amigo Javier Bote Salegui, dueño del prestigioso hotel La Catedral de Cádiz, y a la que hemos incorporado ingredientes de la cocina mediterránea y asiática para que vuestra estancia en nuestras casas Natural Surf House y Natural Surf Villa sea aún más agradable.


[:en]After succeding last year in Natural Surf House ,we return with even more energy and betting stronger, in addition to new projects and important neweness.

First of all, we have added to our services the possibility of attending to Yoga classes,  teached by a specialized trainer. Moreover, we will have a professional photographer, who is going to take pictures of our training lessons and spore time surfing, in and out of the sea.

Secondly, on August we will have an elite surf coach, José María Cabrera, a recognized canarian free surfer, who will share his experience teaching in two clinics for our clients that want to improve their surfing skills.

Finally, our customers will be able to enjoy the new menu, which have incorporated ingredients from Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, and has been drawn from the hand of our great friend Javier Bote Salegui, owner of the prestigious hotel La Catedral de Cádiz.

We hope all these newness make your stay in our Natural Surf House and Natural Surf Villa homes, even more enjoyable than actually is.[:]