Frequent Questions

Internet Connection and Mobile Use

Internet connection is quite good in our Surf house up to 10 people at the same time. Checking e-mail, looking up Facebook, WhatsApp or make internet calls to Skype users won´t be a problem for you.

Bring your mobile phone and use your usual sim card or buy a new local one. To contact us in the fastest way use WhatsApp from your country.

We offer WIFI connection so you can work or just keep in touch with your dear ones.

First Aid Kit

In Maldives´ capital, Male, there is a private hospital where you will be well care for in case of accident, cut, hit, pain, etc. If you travel abroad is always advisable to have travel insurance and should bring a first-aid kit.

We recommend put on mosquito repellent. There are no immunization requirements when travelling to Maldives. In a first-aid kit should be: a waterproof spray to protect wounds, silicone scar plaster (such as compeed) and Vaseline.

Hours of sunshine and water temperature

In Maldives the sun comes up very early at 6:15 am but you can go surfing at 6:00 am because there is quite light. Sunsets are at 6:20 pm. You should have a special care between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. The air temperature fluctuates between 26ºC and 31ºc and sea-water temperature does it between 27ºC and 29ºC.

Surfing in Maldives is quite easier than in other places with coral bottom. That is made up of dead coral, offering the possibility of entering on foot. For surfers who are not used to surfing on their bare feet on coral reef is better if they wear booties at least in the first days so you will avoid injuries and suffer them the whole trip. Once you know the environment (1-2 days) you will be in your element.

Below we have listed the sun protection we recommend using 30-50 sun protection for all skins. Bring a good after sun just like wearing surf tees or rash vests and sun glasses besides a hat is quite important to be protected in and outside the water.

Surfboards, leashes and parafine

In this section we try to help our customers in choosing the most appropriate quiver of boards for Maldives and what kind of accessories are essential and what is very important don´t forget.

Waves in Maldives tend to measure from 2 to 6 feet. Two surfboards should be enough and if you bring three it´s probably one of them never touch the water considering that one in smaller waves and another surfboard in bigger and stronger days would be enough.

Depending on the month we are there will be more opportunities to enjoy bigger swells and catch stronger waves reaching 10 or 12 feet. There is also the risk of snapping some surfboard so it is never too much bring a third surfboard and you should decide between 6´3 and 6´6 in case it is coming a bigger swell. That decision depends on each surfer.

Leashes…one thin leash (COMP) and another a bit thicker of 6 feet (those are which you will use more often) We recommend a spare leash, thick (6 or 7 feet).

A repair kit is very useful, it must be taken into account that in Maldives there isn´t any repair shop and is very difficult to get materials unless your travelling companion bring them.

We offer our guests a shuttle service airport to the house and the house to the airport

In our pack we include customer reception to the airport. Our guide will welcome Maldives, solving any inconvenience that you may arise upon arrival. The airport shuttle to the house we do in dhoni or speedboat, depending on the number of people and luggage. This is not included in the pack, paying apart. More information look in section prices.

Other questions

For further information, questions or doubts please get in touch with us through the contact form below.