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Water Sports

In addition to the All Inclusive package , if you like water sports, you can enjoy as optional add-ons for your trip to Maldives unforgettable excursions to other islands , dolphin watching , blankets , snorkelling, night fishing and half-day excursions .

Snorkelling Safari. The extended wild marine wildlife and the beauty of its species makes the practice of snorkelling in Maldives is a real feast for the eyes. An unforgettable experience in which a guide will accompany you and will show you the best places to explore and the important role it plays every animal and plant on the marine ecosystem.

Sport fishing. If you like fishing, the deep waters around Maldives are full of large fish with the opportunity to catch a good specimen, also can enjoy your catch cooked by our chefs at the end of the fishing day.

Dolphin watching.  Spinner dolphins are one of the most common species in the Maldives. They have a daily routine regulate their lives, feeding on the high seas at night, entering the atolls early in the morning, and left again for the open ocean in the afternoon. This reliable schedule means it is very easy to find Spinner Dolphins at certain times every day. A unique experience for difrutar alone, with friends, with friends or with the whole family.

These services are offered by our partner Himmafushi Water Sports, and all our clients have a discount for being accommodated in our Surf House. Ask us!